Boerderij 't Geertje
363 dagen per jaar open!

Get a taste of life on the farm!

We are a diverse, multifaceted, 100% organic, small-scale farm.
Everyone is free to come and see the animals, who provide us with all the food we sell in our shop and restaurant.

Our goal is to follow the circle of life as much as possible. Our dream is to connect city and the countryside.

Everyone is welcome at our farm The farm is open 7 days a week Meet our animals

’t Geertje family farm 

’t Geertje is a family business. Wim and Ada took over from his parents in 1982, and added goats to the livestock, which consisted of only  a few cows and pigs at the time. Today, the farm herds 30 dairy cows, 30 pigs and 125 dairy goats, includes a dairy factory, farm shop and farm restaurant and offers all kinds of different activities.

Learn more about the history and vision of the farm here .

Everyday we sell fresh organic raw milk, yoghurt and cheese of the milk of our cows.

mondays, wednesdays and fridays we make cheese, the other days you can buy the organic raw milk.

Meet our pigs. And see them play and relaxe. In our shop you can buy their meet.

Everyday our shop is open and you can buy our goat and cow cheese made on our farm.